Going loco for Coco Loco

We’re starting to see the back of winter, even though it’s still bloody cold, and when that happens I like to start using products that remind me of summer and holidays and all that feel-good stuff.

I spotted these new finds from Lee Stafford in Boots and had to pick them up because I’m a bit obsessed with anything that smells/tastes/looks like a coconut at the mo.

My hair is also very overdue for a cut, I’m not even going to confess how long it’s been, so my hair is quite dry right now and in desperate need of hydration. These two have coconut oil in which is so good for treating dry hair and they worked so well making my hair feel very soft and shiny. Side note: I’m very picky about my hair products because I have curly, dry hair which acts up so I have to give it a bit of extra love and attention.



What I normally look for when testing new shampoo and conditioners is the quality of the conditioner really. My hair doesn’t need a specialised shampoo for dandruff or a sensitive scalp etc., so I just look for a conditioner that’s quite intense and is going to put moisture back into my hair. Texture wise this one is very creamy and thick and leaves my hair very soft and easy to detangle.

At just £5.99 they’re definitely worth a try if you have dry, damaged or just naughty hair like mine. If you don’t have dry hair just get these anyway – you’ll feel like you’re on a beach somewhere sippin’ on a cocktail out of a real-life coconut when you’re really just deep-sniffing your hair again while sitting at work…


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