L’Oreal’s matte skin in a tube

Summer is here! The English climate might not agree for the most part but we’ve had the odd day when it’s been a wee bit sweaty and I think this new foundation might be able to lend a helping hand to all the ladies edging on the oily skin side…

This is a fairly new offering from L’Oreal and is part of their Infallible range called the Infallible 24H-MatteNow, when this thing says its matte, it’s not lying to you.  Anyone who has quite dry skin probably won’t get on with this foundation – it dries very quickly on the skin and will cling to any dry patches that you’ve got going on.

I have combination skin – my t-zone can get oily but my cheeks and certain areas around my nose can get quite dry and sometimes flaky. Sorry for the TMI. I found it to work great on the oily areas of my skin and during the day I noticed my face was a lot less shiny than normal, especially said t-zone area. Oh, and it lasted the whole way through a work day without melting off my face. (Or just disappearing – seriously, where does it actually go?!)


Being a medium-full coverage foundation, this is quite heavy duty so if you’re looking for a light, fresh base then this one might not be your best bet!

The shade range isn’t huge and they tend to have more pink toned shades from what I found in my Boots store (there may be more in bigger stores) but I opted for the shade Vanilla and it seems to work pretty well with my skin even though I have a slight yellow-ish undertone.

I also found that just applying this straight on the face with my fingers or a makeup sponge/beauty blender is the best way for me instead of a brush because with it being quite a thick and speed-dry texture, it clings to the bristles of my foundation brush and I think you use a lot more product that way.

Having said that, it’s not going to break the bank at only £7.99 which I think is cheap as chips for a good drugstore foundation like this one.

Remember though ladies – if you really want to try this but your skin is more sandy-paper than grease-d lightning (get it) then you need to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.  This stuff will not be forgiving on your dry bits…

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