What to buy with a Boots No.7 voucher…

I love it when Boots do their No.7 money off voucher – I usually do a u-turn and head straight over to the counter from the till, much to my boyfriend’s delight. (He will have just seen the light after an hour or two in there already and then had it zapped away instantaneously, poor thing).

I quite like No.7 as a brand and most things I’ve tried I’ve been pretty impressed with but for some reason when I have a Boots voucher is the only time I really shop there.

Just recently I’ve purchased a couple of items that I’ve been really impressed by and would actually buy without the handy £3/£5 off!

First up is an eye liner – the No.7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in Brown.

IMG_0604[1]IMG_0608[1]The formula of this pencil is really smooth and almost gel like when applied.  I use this mainly on my lower lash line and in the waterline so I’m not sure how it would hold up as winged liner on the top for example, but it lasted all day on my eyes which is quite a feat I think because I always end up with some smudging by the end of a work day!

There a few colours in the range to check out but I was seriously impressed with the staying power of this pencil, especially as it’s only £7.50, and then if you use your £3 off voucher….win win!

The next spontaneous item I picked up from the No.7 counter was a skincare item – the No.7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover. Prepare for a mini rave. Being a dual action formula this is so effective at taking off eye makeup I’ve totally forgotten about my regular micellar water collecting dust on the bathroom shelf.  I put this on a cotton pad and hold on my waterproof mascara-clad peepers for a few seconds and then it just sweeps away the whole day in one fell swoop!


My eyes are quite sensitive and it doesn’t take much for them to be irritated but this has no affect on them at all. It’s not heavily fragranced or too rich where it stings the eyes either.  I seriously love this product and it compares to more high end brands such as Clarins for me and at £8.50 with a £5 off voucher its a bleeding steal…

See, told you to prepare for a mini rave.

So, I hope this has helped some of you when you’re faced with that burden of spending those No.7 vouchers – these are just two things I’ve discovered within the brand that I’ve been impressed with. If anyone has any other recommendations with what to buy with a No.7 voucher then please feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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