Treasure from across the pond…


Ohhh how excited I was when my family came back from a holiday to Florida and brought me this little thing of beauty!

For a long time now I’ve seen many a blogger rave about Tarte makeup and especially the Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush. Here in Blighty we’re not lucky enough to have this brand yet, aside from a minimal collection available through QVC, so when my mam put it into my hands – along with a fluffy Minion and chocolate caramel popcorn from Disney (AH-mazing and yeah, I’m 26, so what) – I did a little scream inside…


The colour above is the shade Tipsy which I just think is the perfect coral blush colour.  When you first open it up it does look pass-me-my-shades-quick bright and oh-my-that’s-not-going-anywhere-near-my-face scary but the colour doesn’t translate as bright when applied to the skin, I promise! That being said, you only need a small amount of this and a light hand when applying otherwise you might end up with a i’m-seriously-not-a-children’s-birthday-party-clown kinda look. Capeche?

The texture of this is very light and is a very finely milled, highly pigmented powder which adds colour to the cheeks straightaway so there’s none of that scraping action going on…

This is a definite firm favourite in my blush collection now and I’m hoping that someone in the UK beauty industry will see sense some day and bring this brand to a store here. Oh lord, I’m now drifting off into a beauty day dream where these babies are all lined up in Boots, sittin’ pretty and waiting for us like puppies looking for new homes… jeez I need to get out more….

*Sephora US now ships to the UK with orders over £75 with a £6 delivery fee. The Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush currently retails at $26 on

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