A matte lip for summer…


I heard about the new Bourjois lip offering through the beauty grapevine and straightaway decided I needed all of them.  I mean just take a minute and look at those colours…

These are the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks and on testing these babies out I think they’re my new favourite take on the liquid lipstick trend.  With a definite matte look but with a soft texture on the lips, this formula is more moisturising than some matte lipsticks.  Lip balm they are not however, so if your lips are particularly dry then these will cling to those dry patches and a good look this ain’t – get the Carmex out first.

The range of colours are gorgeous – they’re grouped as ‘nudes’, ‘pinks’ and ‘reds’ – so naturally I picked up one of each, for research purposes of course…ahem.  I got 04 Peach Club (nude) which is a bright orange/coral colour, 06 Pink pong which is a bright blue-toned pink – tip, blue tones make your teeth look whiter – and also 03 Hot pepper which is a classic bright red.

Top to bottom: Peach Club, Pink Pong, Hot Pepper
Top to bottom: Peach Club, Pink Pong, Hot Pepper

The formula of these is amazing – I swatched them on my hands (as seen above) around 6pm one evening, went in the shower, washed my hands a million times AND scrubbed at them with a cleansing water and these slightly faded. Everyone kept asking what the heck I had done to my hand, and I’m like, ‘Errmmm…lipstick?!’ Yeah I got some dodgy looks. That’s testament right there to just how long lasting these wonderful things are.

Unlike some matte lipsticks these have an almost powdery finish which feels lightweight on the lips but doesn’t seem to dry out too much either. I think I would have to apply maybe once during the day if I want that smack bang of colour like on first application but they definitely stain the lips for the whole day without the need for touch ups.

Oh, and once the colour is on your lips, it will not budge – no crazy clown-man looking going down over here while I chow down on lunch ladies, just one dodgy looking hand instead…

Pick these up from a Bourjois counter at the crazy decent price of £8.99 each. Be bold this summer!


One comment on “A matte lip for summer…

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post about lipsticks!
    I really like the colour, Peach Club and Hot Pepper. I will be heading to Bourjois soon to check those colours! Thank you, Carley!

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