Testing, Testing | Soap & Glory skincare

On one of my (many) trips to Boots, I was perusing through the skincare shelves as per usual and stumbled across the Soap & Glory skincare section.  I know most of us by now will probably have tried their famous body washes, bath foam, hand cream and it is tres nice stuff with some equally tres nice fragrances.

However I’ve never tried anything from their skincare line even though it’s been out for a while now in Boots – even their makeup has made its way into my basket on many an occasion which I LOVE. ( I swear I don’t just camp out in Boots no matter how much I would actually love that)

I’ve heard beauty bloggers talk about the Peaches And Clean 3-in-1 Wash Off Deep Purifying Cleanser a few times before so I had to give it a go.  My cleanser preferences are geared more towards balm or cream cleansers at the moment so this one seemed to fit the bill.  I’ve tried this for a couple of weeks now and although it’s a good, standard cleanser, there’s nothing about this that amazed me.  I’ve also noticed a few naughty little spots appearing lately and  I don’t know if it’s this stuff or just the mountain of Easter chocolate I munched my way through.  It claims it’s for all skin types but I think if your skin is particularly sensitive I would stay clear of this one – the fragrance seems quite strong to me and I can’t help feeling I’ve just poured a peach yogurt all over my face…  All in all this was an average cleanser for me, but as per usual your skin will be completely different and you may love it. Boots, £8 for 200ml.

IMG_1747[1]Ooh and a bit of outdoor photography for you too, you’re all spoilt.

This next product was the most exciting for me.  The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser is right up my alleyway with a thick, balmy texture.  It contains sweet almond, lavender, clary sage, rose and geranium oils and smells bloody gorgeous. I use this one as a night time cleanser as its definitely very rich and it literally melts off makeup, even waterproof mascara which normally digs its heels in and won’t budge.  It comes with a cloth which is useful, but you can also just use a normal face cloth too.  I apply this after taking off the bulk of my makeup with a micellar water or cleansing oil and then apply this on a dry face and use the wet cloth in warm water to wipe it off. The scent is so lovely and relaxing too, perfect for a deep night time cleanse before beauty sleep. Boots, £10 for 100ml.

And of course what beauty lover doesn’t love a good ol’ face mask?  The No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask is definitely a good ‘un.  The mask is self-heating so on application it heats up on your face (don’t worry, no trip to A&E necessary) and immediately makes the experience very relaxing and spa-like.  You only need a ‘grape-sized dab’ of this stuff it says which means this one tube will last for ages. I cleansed my face before using this bad boy and then applied it to dry skin and left it for 5 minutes.  I washed it off gently with a face cloth just like the Ultimelt and my skin definitely looked very clean and fresh as well as feeling quite soft too. I think this one would be good for most skin types, especially oily or combination skin (I plead guilty to this one). I mean, this isn’t the best face mask ever for clearing out congested or oily skin so if you’re looking for a miracle product I wouldn’t bother, but for a refreshing balancing mask that’s quite an inexpensive treat then this is a good one. Boots, £11.50 for 100ml

So, these are my thoughts so far on the S&G skincare range – I think I’ll definitely pick up a couple more bits sometime soon but I might wait until Boots has it’s enticing 3 for 2 offers on again!  As for drugstore skincare th0ugh this line is so far quite nice but as usually with skincare what has worked or not worked for me might be different from you. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed from my technical scientific phrases I am in no way an skincare expert, just a regular lassy looking for skin like a Victoria’s Secret model. We all have to have a dream ay?

Has anyone else tried these? What else S&G do you love?


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